Zinkod — communication, new living language creative and useful

Zinkod — project for communication and creativity, which is created by caring people. Everyone can be part of and to contribute to the creation of new interesting world.

Zinkod covers a large number of different areas, one of them is design solutions that make the surrounding reality brighter.

Zinline - fashion clothing for infrastructure. Special decor Zinline for engineering infrastructure allows you to turn an ordinary boring object into a bright and beautiful, through creative solutions.

If we all make suggestions and suggestions to the design of engineering infrastructure, the world will become more convenient, brighter and more harmonious in the near future.

Here everyone can become a designer or developer and can make a creative contribution to improving the world.

Zinkod is a new language and even a whole communication format. The Zingi language consists of words, images, icons, audio, and video that are added by ordinary users. Yes! You can also do this by simply offering your own word, symbol, image, video, gesture, leaving a post, or evaluating other participants ' suggestions.User rating is the only criterion by which successful variants are selected.

Foul language Zingi simple and clear:

• words are composed of a small number of sounds;
• sounds simple and accessibl e, as they are used in different language groups;
• the spelling of simple and minimum rules;
• as you hear them, as you can see, and read: letters correspond to its own transcription;
• phonetics and grammar simplified, no strict rules, no excep tions.

Dignity Zinkod:

• icons complement the text emotionally, when writing use the emoticons (all the usual emotic ons), and this means that when reading it is easy to see the emotional impact of the message;
• graphic image — addition to the le tters and pictograms, so that numbers can be written in the form of flowers and ornaments.

Create a full-fledged language for communication is a complicated and lengthy task, which forces only a great friendly team. When the project is joined by thousands of caring and creative people, the result is achieved faster. So together with the community Zinkod began the story of the creation of the language of the future, which will be available to people of all countries, nationalities and social groups.

The project is alive and not dull, it has a lot of bright moments, besides the language will be adapted to the graphic image and supplemented dactyl alphabet.

Zinkod creates innovative direction in design and technology that completely changes the relationship to the interior and to the environment. And now everyone can participate in discussions and offer their experience. Let's together make the world a better place!

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To add words, rules in the Zinkod language, images, videos, to share information via social networks, please register on our website ( go to the registration paget ), it will not take much time.

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We offer to create and develop. We suggest that you polemize while respecting your interlocutors.

Users of the project post information, taking into account copyright compliance.

A demo version of the project's capabilities and prospects.